September 2, 2016

About Us

BaseStation68 aims to provide a strong foundation in improvisation and group interaction through the study of the great American Art Form – Jazz. Focusing particular attention on the small groups of the be-bop, post-bop, and hard bop eras, we study and perform music from such composers as Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Bobby Timmons, Wayne Shorter, Gigi Gryce, Hank Mobley, as well as other seminal jazz composers of the 50s and 60s. Our studio encourages participation of all levels, beginner to advanced.

Private classical lessons are offered on saxophone, clarinet, flute, acoustic bass, and cello, with private jazz lessons available on rhythm section and melodic instruments.

BaseStation68 is equip with CuBase 8.5 recording software and 16 channels for live recording.

Our Staff

CarasqCara Silvernail, multi-saxophonist and woodwind specialist, completed a degree in applied saxophone at Michigan State University, followed closely by the Jazz and Contemporary music program at the New School for Social Research.  Her love of jazz, the avant garde and new music found her studying with Anthony Davis, Reggie Workman, Oliver Lake, Walter Davis Jr. and Cecil McBee among others. Based in the New York City area, she performed regularly with Steve Swell, Arkady Kiritchenko, Karen Borca, and Marc Edwards. BaseStation68 has enabled Cara to share with students the knowledge she has developed from the diversity of performing and her educational experiences. She continues to explore music in its many genres, the many cultures of the world and their people, embrace organic, improvised music, and support art in its multiple forms. Adding to her experiences as a performer and educator, Cara is the founder of the local jazz venue Amity Blues, a community service, raised three children, and still finds time to enjoy the visual and gastromic arts.

RichardsqRichard Thomson
Originally from southern California, Richard Thomson (guitar, electronics, and jazz drum set) is a graduate of The New School for Social Research, Jazz and Contemporary music program. His progressive approach to music and love of jazz and the avant garde enabled him to study with Gerry Hemingway, Makanda Ken McIntyre, Vic Juris, and Sam Rivers among many others.  Fully immersing himself as a new music improviser in the New York City area, Richard regularly performed with Steve Swell, Arkady Kiritchenko, Paul Gregorian, Bruce Gremo, and Karen Borca. BaseStation68 has provided an opportunity for Richard to share his expertise with students and sharpen his skills in sound engineering. Additionally, Richard is a father of three children.  He continues to enjoy teaching, composition, philosophy, and the cultural diversity in the world in which we live.